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Mushroom styled gift container with motif of a Fairy and a Old man

  • Article: 008_001
  • Sizes: 11 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
  • Discounts for regular customers
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This Mushroom gift container is carved from wood, with exquisite painting in Russian style.

The Fairy’s with Wings tells a magical story to an old man. This Mushroom case is surely well suited as gift for hiding more gifts inside. Our gift Container formed like a Mushroom is covered with lacquer to secure that our artists fine paintings are never scratched.
Mushrooms are not plants but a fungus. They eat organic materials, and Mushrooms do not photosynthesize like plants. Never mind, OUR Mushrooms are free of fungus, carved from linden wood, serving as case for many surprise, which you can put inside.
Our wooden Mushrooms, serving as gift cases, are covered with fine Russian art paintings, and are surely able to convey all the warmth and personality of your senses.