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Matryoshka doll, a traditional Russian souvenir

  • Article: 004_012
  • Sizes: 11 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Tilting dolls are often called also Matryoshka, Stacking dolls, or Nesting doll.

  Matryoshka dolls are a traditional Russian art variant. Either made as Russian nesting doll where wooden dolls of decreasing sizes are placed one inside each other, or as here demonstrated, as Tilting doll. This Matryoshka Tilting doll features in typical way a historical dressed Russian girl, with a smiling cat. The idiom Matryoshka is a variation of Matrona (Matrena) which means Mama. Nested dolls you find on our Matryoshka page, see our menu to the right. In Germany Russian Matryoshka dolls are called Babushka dolls.
This Matryoshka doll is styled as Tilting doll toy and hand painted by Russian Art painters. As any our wooden sculptures this figurine is carved from wood, and finally covered with fine hard lack. Any Matryoshka as Tilting doll is surely an exquisite gift for anybody and for any celebration around the year.


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