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Easter egg-box "Hare"

  • Article: 009_009
  • Sizes: 15,5 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
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Easter is a spring religious holiday for Christians - the resurrection of Christ. 

  The symbols of the rebirth of life are gifts eggs, rabbits, hares, and an ideal gift for Easter events. Our Easter egg “Hare” is not only a gift for the Easter holiday. The egg is symbolic of wealth and fertility desires. Our hare (rabbit) figure is oval in shape. Our Egg “Hare” raised its ears and give it a cheerful look. It meek eye look directed upwards at you. The “Hare” figurine is hand carved from linden wood. filigree ornaments are applied at our “Hare” figure. In its small paws “Hare” holds a red bird. This box-like Easter egg is a ideal gift for adults and young children. By giving a box style egg like our “Hare” Easter egg, you wish prosperity, wealth and fertility, for the person to receive your gift. Opening the egg “Hare”, like a casket, allows you to put inside a small souvenir. Buy Easter egg “Hare”-bunny in our online store.

Egg-box “Rabbit” as Easter Sunday gift.

  On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the resurrection of God’s son Jesus.

  People glorify Christ, break their Easter cakes, and eggs, giving gifts to family and friends, wishing family and friends longevity, prosperity and wealth. A symbol of wealth and fertility is a rabbit or hare. We offer you an egg-box `Rabbit`. This small-eared Rabbit keeps an red bird in its hands. The face of this little rabbit is providing us good. You can buy this egg-case at Art Studio Melnikovitch. Use this “Rabbit” egg as a case for small gifts or as a toy for small children.

Easter Egg “Rabbit, ” a gift to friends for the Easter holidays.

  This Easter egg “Rabbit” surprises anyone with its festive art and at the same time its simplicity. Egg “Rabbit” is made by hand and painted by a professional artist. This egg can be opened like a box. Inside there is room for small gifts. You can put in this Easter egg box “Rabbit” almost all that you may imagination. The only condition for gifts is that it should not exceed the size of any Easter egg. Buy this Easter egg box-holder at our online store exclusively. There is no doubt that this gift-egg “Rabbit” will delight your family and friends.