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Wooden Music Box (red) with various well-known melodies like "Moscow Nights", "Kalinka- Malinka" and others

  • Article: 814_002
  • Sizes: 9х9х6 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
  • Discounts for regular customers
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This Music Box in red can be ordered with different musical tunes. Like opening part of the ballet “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, “Kalinka-Malinka”, “Moscow Nights”.) Order size is 100 pcs minimum.

This Music Box (red) with various well-known tunes is a bit like the ancient musical instrument called a hurdy-gurdy. In ancient times, this tool had the form of a large box with a strap that is worn on the shoulder. Wandering musician flailing with the big music box.
The musicians turned the handle of the large music box, and all listeners were happy, and having fun with listening to various hurdy-gurdy melodies. Many years passed, and the little barrel-organ reappears as a new species, and is presented here for you. Music Box (red) with various well-known tunes is created by our craftsmen by hand, and has a circular shape, and is painted with floral golden ornaments. Golden leaves, and clusters of golden berries, decorate the music box. Our Music Box (red) with various well-known tunes will please you, amuse and entertain your children, and can be used as stand for many of our art figurines like our Nutcracker or other figurines.

Russian music-box opened with mechanical player.

Here you can see the at the bottom opened Russian music box, and the mechanical player. You may take note that we can replace the painted golden chain with any slogans or text you might wish find on this music box. The text is usually written in golden letters and good visible. Please contact us for your needs related to our wooden music boxes for sale, or any other artwork you might need.

Wooden Music box for sale with mounted Nutcracker showing mechanical handle.

As you can see here the mechanical player is well hidden inside the wooden music box, and one of our by hands carved wooden Nutcracker is mounted on this wooden music-box functioning like a pedestal. You may choose different short music variants. See our main page for this red wooden music box with mounted Nutcracker for details. We may put on the music box your slogan or any acceptable wording for a small extra fee.