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Figures of angels

Guardian angel sculptures and wooden angel figurines for sale. Gift sets packings. Our wooden figurines packed into appealing gift boxes!.
We believe that each person has his personal guardian angel - The Guardian angel, is invisible for us, helps us to take wise decisions correctly, and helps to choose our path safely.
Angels (Messengers, Malack, or Engel) — in the Judaic and Christian mythology — are spirits created by God. Purpose of Angels is to serve God alone, fighting his enemies, paying him the honour by carrying his will to the elements and us, his people. For example, the Archangel Gabriel, the good-envoy, was foretold by the Blessed Virgin Mary conceiving the Saviour. If you would like to get our Angles packed into exclusive gift packings as give-away, check out our Guardian Angel gift package page! You may read more about Angels below our "Guardian Angel sculptures Catalog of wooden angel figurines for sale".

Each person at baptism is given a Guardian angel. The Guardian angel is invisible for us and tells wise decisions, the right thoughts, helps to choose the right path, protects, and guides.

The angels (gr. Άγγελοι - "messengers, messengers of the" translation of Heb. malack, eng. Angel, it. Engel]) - in Judaic and Christian mythologies are incorporeal spirits, created by God, gifted with reason, will and power.

Their purpose is to serve the one God, fighting His enemies, giving Him honor, carrying His will to the elements and people. For example, the Archangel Gabriel, the blessed messenger, was to proclaim the virgin Mary to conceive the Savior.

Shepherds slept in the fields, in quiet clear Christmas night when suddenly an angel came down in a Golden glow and brought them the joyful news of the birth of baby Jesus - the son of God.

He disappeared, and the sky were heard the wonderful sounds was the chorus of spirits which glorified God. They are beyond time and space, then visible, then invisible man.

People belong to this world, and not by their own volition to identify the presence with us of these gods, but always aspires to it.

Slender and beautiful, as if they are immersed in their inner world. Here, a quiet sadness, and heart softness, and inner resolve.

Iconography, which spread from the XVI — XVII century in Russia, usually presents us with "a young man, dressed in a white robe (a deacon's vestment, the symbol of the service), sometimes in a tunic and himation, or cloak, the main attributes of a cross and a naked sword" is the canonical way.

Angels, symbolizing the Holy Trinity - light, clean shapes, as if glowing like Andrei Rublev. Paint — blue, silver-green, Golden yellow, pink, cherry pink cause light mood.

In our workshop the figures are made in the tradition of Bogorodsk Sergius and toys, and color scheme draws on the sources of ancient Russian icons. Buy figurines of angels in our online store.

Day gift angel

The perfect gift for birthdays and other holidays our angel. To choose a good gift for birthdays will not be difficult in our Art Studio.

Art Studio Melnikovitch is pleased to offer an exclusive gift for birthdays.

Art-Studio "Melnikovitch" is trying to make Souvenirs that are appropriate for most holidays so that our customers could buy a nice gift for everyone.