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Figurine Guardian Angel with dove

  • Article: 003_013
  • Sizes: 34 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Figurine Guardian Angel with Dove is a great gift for any birthday for young and adults. Guardian Angel aims to protect people from hazards. Guardian Angel directs the faithful to a righteous life according to the commandments of God. This figurine of a Guardian Angel is holding a dove. The Christians dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In the Bible the dove released by Noah, brought him an olive branch as a symbol of reconciliation of the elements and end of the flooding. Figurine Angel with dove is guardian symbol. The dove is an accessory, a constant feature, an attribute of the sacraments of Baptism, the Annunciation, the Descent of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. Figurine Guardian Angel with Dove is the fruit of the hard work of the masters of wood carving and painting artists. Figurine Guardian Angel with Dove carries a very deep meaning of faith and hope for safety in your and your loved ones live.

Angel gift figurine with a dove.

  Angel with a dove is a gift that can be presented after receiving the sacrament of Baptism. Holy Spirit descended from Jesus Christ in baptism form into a dove. All those who believe in God, after its baptism acquire as invisible mentor its personal Guardian Angel. Angel with Dove, a gift made with love. Bright color paint coats this Angel gift figurine and pleases aesthetically your eyes. Gift Angel with Dove is available in our online store.

Figurine Angel with dove.

  Figurine Angel with Dove is made in the best traditions of wooden art painting. Figurine Angel with dove is painted with lush and vivid colors. Angels red hair adorns the sky-blue ribbon. Angel gently folds clothes streamed down looking like real dress and not only painting. The combination of crimson and blue is used to create a festive aura. The Dove in the hands of this angel symbolizes gentleness, kindness, purity and serenity of soul. Figurine Angel with Dove will deliver to your home and delivering spiritual purity, and love. Figurine Angel with Dove is available at Art Studio Melnykovych.


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