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Angel with Dove figure bearing the birth of Jesus Christ motif

  • Article: 003_010
  • Sizes: 34 sm
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Angel with a dove (motif birth of Jesus Christ) - is a hand carved figure made in the best art traditions of wood carving.

  Angel with a dove covered with the motif of Christmas and Jesus Christ is a handpainted figure, painted by skilled artists in pink, blue, and harmonic colors. At the bottom of the angel figurines skilful paintings of the biblical theme of the birth of Christmas is to see. Star light illuminated the infant Jesus Christ. Surrounded by the Virgin Mary and the wise men. Sheep graze nearby. Nearby a little child look with admiration at Jesus Christ. 

  Angel with a dove as Christmas motif showing the birth of Jesus Christ - a figure admired by its elegant painted miniatures devoted to Christmas. Angel figure with a dove and the motif of Christmas birth of Jesus Christ can be present as gift for the Christmas holiday, any birthday or name day.

Angel with a dove as symbol of faith in the Holy Spirit.

  Christmas birth of Jesus Christ.

  Angel with dove with motif Christmas and birth of Jesus Christ is a symbol of faith in the Holy Spirit which came down from God, by the symbol of a white bird - a dove.

  Angel with a dove is holding a white bird. Angels pink wings are painted with scarlet flowers and leaves. Chest and sleeves are decorated with geometric designs. At the clothing is a wonderful picture of a native scene, which depicts the birth of Jesus Christ. Near Mary and the baby stands a wise men, ready to tell the good news to all people.

  Angel with a dove as symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas eve is the symbol of faith in the Holy Spirit, and can be a good gift for a child or an adult for any occasion.


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