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Angel with a trumpet (wooden figure) is announcing good news

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Angel with a trumpet is announcing good news of a great event in the life of mankind.

  Angel with a trumpet is a wooden figure, which is carved by hand from linden wood. This wooden figurine has an elongated shape up. It is painted by master artists hands. Each feather on the wings of this angel painted with extraordinary grace. In the painting of this Angel sculpture artists use a rich palette of bright colors. Azure as the sky turns a golden color, blue shades turn into green, ending with a red border. All this wealth of colors and shades highlights the greatness of the mission said Angel with a trumpet. After all, he is announcing the good news of Christ’s birth.

Angel with trumpet figurine carved from wood.

  Angel with a trumpet is a made of wood figurine, carved from linden wood, and painted by masters of art-studio Melnykovych.

  Angel with trumpet a wooden figurine holds a tube, which can be taken out of its hands, and so this wooden figurine appear before the audience in a different way, with folded hands. Angel figure with a pipe is made of wood, and has a very rich painting. We used all the best manual art techniques. Figurines is decorated with different kinds of ornaments in many variations. Green, blue, gold and red paint, shine brightly under the hard lacquer coating to protect wooden figurines from scratches.

  Angel with trumpet figurine of wood can become for any collector of wooden figurines an new item to adorn the collection.

Angel statue with a trumpet made of linden wood.

  Rich painted angel figurine made out of linden wood is designed to bring joy and pleasure to people who can understand and appreciate the real art of religious carving and painting art on wood.

  Angel statue with a trumpet is made of linden wood, which can be a pleasure and a joy to be viewed from all the beautiful sides. Light air wings seems to be about to raise up this Angel. Gently cascade paintings down from the scarlet belt folds golden robes. Blue, green, decorated with ornaments, the lower end clothing again like a scarlet. The bright colors used in the painting, please have a look.

  Angel statue with a trumpet made of linden wood, which you can buy in the shop.


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