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Figurine guardian angel with a cross

  • Article: 003_006
  • Sizes: 28 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Figurine guardian angel with a cross is an art product created by wood carving art masters of Art Studio Melnikovitch (Melnykovych) and is designed to protect people who believe in God. An Angel is a supernatural being, a messenger of God, patron of any person. Angel depicted as a winged being of never-ending youth. In his raised hand guardian angel is holding a cross, a Christian symbol of faith in God. Figurine guardian angel with a cross is made with good taste and timeless elegance. The painting is dominated by its blue and golden hues. This figurine guardian angel with a cross is intended to protect believers in God of any misery and hardships in their lives.

Wooden Guardian angel with a cross figurine.

  Angel with cross (wooden guardian angel figurine) is designed to protect people from any dangers that can harm human soul. According to the Orthodox faith, after baptism of the believer it becomes necessary to have a mentor like a guardian angel. Figure of angel with a cross is painted by kind hands of artists in the tradition of Orthodox art. Sky-blue tunic of this angel is painted with bouquets of roses. Guardian angels chest is decorated with golden ornaments. Carved wooden angel with a cross wings are amazing detailed structured. Angles hand with the cross is moved upwards. Angel figurine leading us all up to the sky. Guardian angel with a cross is the spiritual power of God, participation in the destiny of man.


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