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Father Frost - The Russian Santa Claus - wooden Christmas figurine

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Father Frost - The Russian Santa Claus - wooden Christmas figurine.

An excellent hand-carved and individual hand painted art work (Father Frost) presented by Art Studio Melnikovitch.
This wooden Christmas figurine (Santa Claus) with its filigree paintings is an unforgettable gift for every collector and is surely enriching every Christmas table or decoration. Remarkable is also the exquisite painting of an young girl as angel with a bell in its hands. This Father Frost figurine is surely one of our best collection variants created by our best Russian art painters.

“Father Frost” we call “Ded Moroz” in Russian and it represents Saint Nickolas who is known abroad as Santa Claus too. Sometimes Ded Moroz is understood as “Grandfather Frost” as this is maybe a more lingual correct form of the Russian Santa Claus naming. Also maybe worthwhile to know, the Russian Christmas is celebrated usually 13 days after the non-orthodox believers celebrate Christmas as we use for religious celebrations the Julian calender.

The Russian Santa Claus a Russian style wooden figurine.

Santa Claus is used in Russia only since the 90th as Russia - after the latest revolution which was turning the Soviet Union into the Russian Federation, doors where opened for use of foreign terminologies. Before that in Russia Santa Claus was - and is - called Ded Moroz (Дед Мороз), or Father Frost, respective Grandfather Frost, as it would be the widly translated form. Nowadays the use of calling this Christmas representative Santa Claus is getting more and more common.
There is only one, but important difference to the foreign Santa Claus, the Russian Santa Claus has an companion called Snegurochka (Снегурочка). Snegurochka (Snow Maid) is his Grand-daughter, and is helping Ded Moroz to disburse the Christmas gifts to the Children, and adult receivers.
Another important point is that the Russian Santa Claus is coming in the New years night, and/or at the Russian Christmas night, which is celebrated in Russia 13 days after the outside Russia usual 24/25th December date, based on the Russian religious based Julian Calendar.
This hand-crafted `Russian Santa Claus` is a wooden figurine which is a truly Russian style figurine, having all symbols shown which any Russian would expect from a typical Russian Santa Claus.

Ded Moroz the Russian Santa Claus based on Nikolaos of Myra.

Ded Moroz is based on Nikolaos of Myra, a Greek Bishop living at the 4th century and was secret gift-giving person. Its said that the name Santa Claus was born from the Netherlands `Sinterklaas` used for Saint Nikolaos. Almost all if not all Christian based religions use Santa Claus or Nikolaos in Christmas times as gift giving persons, especially for children.
Ded Moroz wearing a heel-length fur coat, fur hat, jackboots, and a long white beard holding a long magical staff or scepter. In addition as every child would expect, he carries a Christmas gift bag.

This Gift giving Russian Santa Claus figurine is an excellent example of Russian art masters unreached painting art, expressing all attributes you would expect from an extraordinary fine worked out wooden Russian Santa Claus figurine.

Father Frost the Russian Santa Claus as Christmas figurine.

From any viewpoint our Father Frost figurine (the Russian Santa Claus) looks incredible filigree structured and realistically. This excellent handcrafted wooden Christmas figurine of Father Frost is fine and very detailed painted by hand and is surely a must to have Christmas attribute for New Year celebrations at the Christmas stable or under the Christmas tree.

At the red and white rich ornamented inner coat of Father Frost our artist painted a young angel calling with a bell children to receive their Christmas and New Years gifts. In his left hand Father Frost holds a gift bag, and in his right hand the handcrafted wooden Russian Santa Claus holds his scepter.

Gift giving Father Frost as Russian doll.

Father Frost (as Russian doll shown here) is on his gift giving tour at the New Year eve in Russia and Russian Orthodox families around the world. Some call Father Frost for gift giving also at the Russian Christmas in January, and even some Russians are gift giving for Christmas on 25th of December too.

The origin of Russian Father Frost is thought to be the Greek Saint Nicholas who was known to be a secret gift-giver. Father Frost as Gift giver is a relatively new symbol of Christmas as gift giving personage, as it came up only by the end of the 19th century. The Russian name for Father Frost is Ded Moroz, and is used often also as Grandfather Frost. In Russia Grandfather Frost is accompanied by his Granddaughter Snegurochka as gift giving helper.

Gift Santa Claus, wooden figurine.

Gift giving Santa Claus wooden figurine is a by hand carved from linden wood Christmas figurine, which is rich painted and decorated with love.

Here you see the back view of our Gift giving Santa Claus figurine to illuminate that our wooden figurine is an excellent art work even viewed from behind. The gift giving Santa Claus as wooden figurine is holding in his hand a delicious painted gift bag, and is wearing a red fur overcoat rich ornamented and very detailed painted. On his head he wears a red fur head fitting well to his overcoat. As you can see even his beard is very detailed carved from wood and carefully painted.

Wooden Ded Moroz as gift figurine.

Wooden Ded Moroz as gift figurine (carved by hand from linden wood), and excellent detailed painted. In this back view you can see that our Artist is painting also the backside of this wooden figurine for gift giving with rich detailed ornaments making this figurine a museum like Christmas mini sculpture of Ded Moroz.

Our Gift giving Ded Moroz is a wooden figurine every collector will happily accept for completing his Christmas figurines collection. And as we cover all of our wooden figurines with hard lacquer it will be a long lasting Christmas gift for many generations to enjoy this unforgettable gift given by you.






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