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Wooden Santa Claus and Russian Village painting

  • Article: 001_015
  • Sizes: 26 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
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Santa Claus with Christmas tree for children.

  This figurine of Santa Claus is a gift for on Christmas holiday with painting motif `Kids on sled`.

  This Santa Claus figure with Christmas tree and children on sleds is carved from linden wood by hands by our Russian art wizard. Fine detailed painting art shows on the overcoat of Santa Claus kids on sleds dressed in historical Russian dress. The painting is protected with lacquer.
This wooden Santa Claus figurine is surely a wonderful handmade gift for all New Year and Christmas events, not only for children. And this painting shows that Russian children on sleds playing like all other children around the world in winter times.
Please be advised that all our figurines are not mechanical duplicated but carved and painted by hand piece by piece and therefore every-time very single Santa Claus figurine is an exclusive Christmas gift only you will own!

Wooden Santa Claus and Russian Village painting.

  This wooden Santa Claus figurine carries a Russian Village painting showing a small Russian historical village in winter time. Its besides being a excellent hand carved wooden figurine also an artful presentation of a small historical village at Russia in wither times. This Santa Claus figurine is surely worthwhile to be part of your Christmas decoration.


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