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Santa Claus figurine with Christmas tree and wooden Nutcracker

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  • Sizes: 36 sm
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Santa Claus figurine with Christmas tree and wooden Nutcracker.

  Large Wooden Grandfather Frost (Santa Claus) - an unforgettable Christmas gift.
Children gathered at the Christmas holiday day, and wait for Santa Claus.
This handmade wooden Santa Claus figurine (Grandfather Frost sculpture) is holding a Christmas tree and a wooden Nutcracker figurine.
As all our wooden figurines also this art is hand-carved from wood. A wonderful and romantic Christmas gift, with original painting in fine Russian traditions, covered with lacquer.

  This Santa Clause figurine is not only holding an wooden Nutcracker and an Christmas tree, no, on his his overcoat are painted young children in old Russian national winter dresses, playing with a sledge in front of an winter style covered by snow old town. If you see this Santa Claus figurine in real, you will need some times to discover all details our Russian painting artists have added to this Christmas figurine. Its much more as only a Santa Claus, its a historical part of Russian Christmas traditions.

Santa Claus with Nutcracker and Christmas tree by Melnikovitch.

  Santa Claus with Nutcracker and Christmas tree a artwork for any Christmas figurine collection! This side view shows masterly carved and painted filigree details. This wooden figurine holding a Nutcracker as Christmas gift fits well onto any celebration table at this time of the year.
Art Studio Melnikovitch is proud to demonstrate the master art of its carving and painting artists which created this extraordinary Christmas figurine. To carve historical art from linden wood, and to paint it as schooled by the elders since generations, to create an unforgettable art work for young and old, is the main task of Art Studio Melnikovitch as demonstrated with this wooden Santa Claus figurine.

Santa Claus with Christmas tree and small Nutcracker.

  Here you see our carving artwork “Santa Claus with Christmas tree and Nutcracker” by Melnikovitch from behind. As you see its also from this view an incredible art work, excellent hand carved, painted by hands giving the illusion that Santa Claus is wearing a real dress and not a painted one. Also as you may note, even the Christmas tree, as well as the little wooden Nutcracker, visible from behind of Santa Claus, is from this view filigree carved and very rich painted. Again this Santa Claus figurine is a must to have Russian carving art for anyone who loves romantic, historical Christmas art. This wooden Santa Claus figurine will surely also delight any collector of carving artworks. As usual Arts Studio Melnikovitch offers unique and masterly created carving art for many events around the year.

Example of painting art you see on our wooden figures for Christmas.

  As usual for any wooden art figures - especial for our figures for Christmas - the artists of Art Studio Melnikovitch paint on each wooden figures a winter time or Christmas time related historical picture. Here at this painting art of wooden figures example you see 2 young children and a child on a sled playing outside. As background for this picture you see a old Russian town panorama covered by snow. By the way the light blue strip is a reflection of light caused by the hard lacquer which covers all our art to secure it before water and small scratches. As you will note the painting is very detailed and filigree and is surely a good demonstration of the high class of those artists Melnikovitch employes for hand carved painting art.

A zoomed snapshot of the by hand carved face of Santa Claus.

  This zoomed snapshot of our Santa figurine demonstrates well the combination of excellent carving art and masterly paintings even in the smallest details. The white beard of Santa Claus with its combination of carving art and painting art of this Santa figurine is a demonstration of how serious the artists of art Studio Melnikovitch are taking the creation work of each art work.
Also have a look at the eyes of this wooden Santa figurine, or let your eye wander around this snapshot and you will easily see that every detail is carved and painted with love by masters hands. Maybe you would like to get you this wooden Santa Claus offered by Melnikovitch for your carving art collection?


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