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Birch bark art (birch bark souvenir)

  • Article: 012_002
  • Sizes: 12,5 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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A box from birch bark made from natural birch bark is a reliable art holster. Siberian silver bark material serves as antimicrobial storage, because birch bark stores natural antiseptic oils. Food is stored longer if it is put in a birch-bark container. Bread for a long time is not getting mold, if it is put in birch-bark bread bins, Birch bark inhibits the growth of bacteria if from Siberian white or silver birch, as bacteria cannot multiply in birch-bark containers. Manufacturing of birch bark as traditional arts and crafts came from Siberia, where from generation to generation, skillful craftsman are creating Russian souvenirs from birch bark. We are proud to offer you original antiseptic, antimicrobial birch bark art in our Russian art Gallery as Russian art with practical ecological positive results.

Products made from birch bark (Russian souvenir).

Russian souvenir birch bark boxes, baskets, bark containers are a perfect gift made from Siberian white birch trees, which grew in the light of sun-soaked birch grove. Our Russian birch bark souvenirs are decorated by using only the technique of hot stamping. Ornament of these Russian birch bark souvenirs is a combination of geometric, plant or animal items. This Russian souvenir is made from 100% natural birch bark, and as honey, fur and caviar it is a native Russian souvenir gifts. In such bark box made from birch bark you may place many other Russian souvenirs, or any other small gift, like beads and chain, perfume, a silk scarf, or some wooden toy.