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Nesting Doll (Matryoshka doll) for dog owner

  • Article: 005_002
  • Sizes: 18 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Matryoshka for dog owner is an example of an 5 stack Nesting doll themed especially for dog owner. This is a Nesting doll which is also known as Matrioshka, Matrona, or Russian wooden doll) which represents one of the most famous Russian art characters. Almost everyone knows in the world Nesting dolls as Russian wooden doll which represented with its unique art style Russia and Russian fairy tales. Russian nesting doll is like a mirror of Russian history, and the historical based culture of Russia. The real Russian doll made by real Russian artists, is easy to distinguish from many other Nesting doll copies made not in Russia. A real Russian nesting doll called also Matryoshka doll has a definitely outstanding style and explicit warm aura.

  This Matryoshka doll here on offer is an example of an individual created nesting doll for an special order. You may order this Matryoskha to be painted with the dog race (s) you favor! By the way, this type of Matryoshkas is sometimes also called as “Babushka doll (Grandma doll) “!


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