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Tumbler toy (wobbly man) : Snowman with little boy

  • Article: 004_002
  • Sizes: 15 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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This tumbler toy (wobbly man) figurine is styled as “Snowman with little boy”, based on an essay about the Russian Snowman. As any tumbler toy it itself returns to its upright position when pushed over. When such a tumbler toy is pushed over, it wobbles for a few moments, while it seeks the final upright position. An ideal wobble dance toy for any little child as it cannot roll away, and dances like a wobble line dance. This dancing wobbly snow-man toy enjoys not only little children but surely also its parents. Our tumbler toys are painted with clear structured historical and fairy tale personages, and covered with almost not to scratch lack.

Souvenir tumbler toy “Snowman with a little boy”.

  This souvenir tumbler toy `snowman with a little boy` is a souvenir for winter holidays, whether they are: New Year, Christmas or anybodies birthday. Souvenir tumbler `snowman with the little boy` is brightly painted. Our artists are not stingy with their imagination and painting work. Souvenir tumbler toy carries an not ordinary painting of its clothes. Its has a green plaid scarf, a hat, and a multicolored patterned vest. Instead of hair it shows branches from a tree. For a child it being a winter miracle toy. Souvenir tumbler toy `Snowman with a little boy` is intended as a gift for young children.

Tumbler gift “Snowman with a little boy”.

  Tumbler gift `Snowman with a little boy` is a very bright and attractive painted and handy crafted wooden figurine. This Tumbler gift is delicately painted by the good hands of our Russian painting artwork masters, which dressed this `Snowman with a little boy` figurine in a vest. On its head, instead of a bucket you see a red hat with a blue bow. This Tumbler gift is lacquered and so it is not afraid of normal scratches. Snowman face is painted on this Snowman doll with a smile and so does the little boy smiling which is part of this painting artwork. like a real miracle you see that this Snowman carries a basket of candy in color wrappings. Our Snowman gives a boy some candy and makes him so happy. Tumbler gift `Snowman with a little boy` will undoubtedly bring to your home the mood of festive celebration and fun.

Roly Poly toy as Snowman figurine.

  Roly Poly toy `Snowman` a wooden figurine which is of course a welcomed gift for any baby kid. This Roly Poly toy is bright and cheerful painted, and pleasing the eyes with their bright colors, and exquisite painting art. On the head of this Snowman figurine you see a red hat black with peas, and tree branches instead of hair. On the neck of this Roly Poly toy styled as Snowman is a green scarf tied. Its vest is decorated with floral pattern and a half-belt with buttons. Roly Poly toy `Snowman` is a very beautiful painting artwork. It will delight and entertain your child or anyone who might get it as a gift. This Roly Poly toy carries and passes on a positive mood, which is very important in our time we trust.


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