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Gift for Easter "Easter bunnies"

Easter rabbit toys (Easter bunnies) - Easter gift boxes!

Easter gift boxes - Easter rabbits (Easter bunnies) When nature wakes up from sleep, when the first flowers bloom, when the trees come to life, when the rivers are running again free of ice, we celebrate Easter. Easter - the most revered holiday, a symbol of resurrection, salvation, and revival. The celebration of Easter is an old traditions for different peoples, since many centuries.
Below our wooden Easter Rabbit toys catalog you may read a bit more about Easter rabbit toys and also about The Year of the Rabbit

Exclusive hares and rabbits wood handmade

Every holiday has its own traditions, symbols, its magic.

Easter eggs were "born" in medieval Germany.

And before that they were a symbol of the pagan goddess of spring and fertility because these animals are renowned for their fertility.

And bright with magical powers, Easter eggs simply could not carry conventional chickens.

Therefore, in Hesse they carried Fox, in Saxony - cock, in Alsace - a stork in Bavaria, the cuckoo.

Then he began to rush and the hare, which soon ousted all competitors.

The ancient folk belief that on Easter rabbits lay eggs and hide in secluded places, had like adults, to come up with a fun children's game: children went in search of decorated eggs and to the joy of his found them in the garden, the vegetable garden or flower pots.

This fun and today is called the hunt for the Easter Bunny.

There is another version, more prosaic.

For Easter it was customary to bake lambs, but not all the bakers were skilled masterji their lambs were more like rabbits.

Not so important that the Easter Bunny was not always in Russia, the traditional gift for Easter.

Today these cute, big-eared animals, which you can buy in online store the Art Studio melnikovitch, bring to our mundane life a little joy, wonder, laughter and smiles.

Handicrafts – the perfect gift the bright holiday of Christ's Resurrection, because his other indispensable characters Easter cakes and Easter eggs too are particularly appreciated if they are not bought, but made by hand.

*Our products are collectible and souvenir, and is not intended for young children!