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The Icon of Saint Nicholas

  • Article: 202_003
  • Sizes: 24x30 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Saint Nicholas is a favorite saint in Russia. Our ancestors erected many temples in honor of this saint, every home, in addition to the image of the Mother of God, and the Saviour, certainly has the image of Saint Nicholas. He is the patron and saint for helping when traveling, gives assistants in troubles, and tribulations. To him you may pass every of your need need, and this is surely not in vain. Saint Nicola performs many miracles, and blessed with that experience for all the sincerity of his calling. More than once, he secures from harm and those who do not knew about it, and did not apply to him, sooner or later after will became his zealous admirers.

This Icon of Saint Nicholas is part of a list of the ancient images of the 15th century, stored in the Museum of Ancient Arts known by its Russian name Andrei Rublev. This image is distinguish touching, almost of childlike simplicity, and at the same time shows concentrated eyes, full of spiritual contemplation. This Icon of Saint Nicholas will be clear and close to every child, and to every Christian, with a warm feeling reveres to Saint Nicholas.

This Icon is a hand-crafted excellent replication, created with equivalent materials, and by using the same ancient painting technics!


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