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The Icon of Saint Daniel of Moscow

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Icons from ancient times on were created in Russia. This Russian Icon of Saint Daniel of Moscow is said to support the best growth of an newborn baby, and it is given in the name of the patron and saint after whom the child is named and baptized. Any Icon can be ordered before baptism. Then at the baptizing ceremony the priest can put this Icon on the lectern (special support for icons) and so the patron and saint will participate in the baptize ceremony and later in the spiritual life of the Icon receiver.

Russian princes and nobles felt obliged to order such Russian Icon for their unborn baby. In Russia it is always appreciated to use large icons for such events, as it emphasizes the greatness of the saints. Large icons in the house deepen human humility before God, helps to be tuned to the correct prayer, and evoke a sense of awe.


This Russian holy Icon depicts Prince Daniel of Moscow. Often portrayed in monastic garb, and here is Saint Daniel of Moscow presented in princely robes, and with a sword in his hand. The child will see the Icon of his patron as Prince and militant, and trying to imitate him, to grow in courage and nobility.


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