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Handmade gift «The Nutcracker»

The Nutcracker is the most magical, the most Christmas story ever. For 2 centuries the fairy tale, invented by Hoffmann for familiar children, captivates not only kids, but adults.

Tchaikovsky wrote magic music to her, Marius Petipa created a drawing of the great ballet, what to say about the many adaptations of the fairy tale about the wooden freak, the good Marie, the cunning mouse king and the mysterious Drosselmeyer ...

Handmade Gift Shop "Art Studio Melnikovich" offers a whole collection of different models of wooden nutcrackers with hand-painted.

You can buy an exclusive carved figurine of handwork for every taste - from the traditional image, to the most modern incarnations of this character.

Noble beech wood and safe persistent paints make it possible to create a durable wooden toy.

Due to the special strength of the beech on the tree, there is no dent after cracking the nuts.

Each Nutcracker is unique - the artist, manually painting it, each time creates a new hero, with his character and mood. And yes, he can really prick nuts - a real festive attraction!

However, you can buy this hero as a gift not only for the New Year and Christmas and not only for children.

This is a wonderful handmade souvenir for adults, including clients and business partners. He will please both fans of fairy tales, and connoisseurs of original exclusive gifts.

It can be handed with wishes with ease, like nuts, to click any problems. Or make a wish for a nut and give the nutcracker a chance to gnaw it - everything will come true.

You just have to decide - to whom, and on what occasion, you will buy this gift in our handmade gift shop.

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In fact, the tradition of giving the Nutcracker more than 300 years. "Zubastik" appeared in Germany, and at first it was a doll-caricature.

Greedy myrrh-behemoths-manufacturers, gendarmes and the like, were portrayed with a huge, toothy, gluttonous mouth.

In the early 19th century, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann wrote this book, first published in 1816.

The fantasy of the German storyteller created a completely new Nutcracker, endowing him with kindness, courage, justice and other virtues.

And then this story was struck by the imagination of a Russian boy who later created a great ballet, without which one December playbill of the Bolshoi Theater still costs.

Behind the most ordinary things magic can hide! In any familiar you can find a new and unexpected - this teaches us the tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King."

It's not just a wooden doll, but an offer to look around you a little more closely, to see the hidden meaning of events, phenomena, objects.

Buy for yourself or as a gift of the wooden Nutcracker, lovingly painted by the artist, and it will become your talisman, help to click like nuts any difficulties and tasks, and most importantly it will always remind you that good wins any evil, you just have to believe in the best.

In a word, if you are still without the Nutcracker, now you know what you need ...

The shop of handmade gifts "Art Studio Melnikovich" is always ready to offer you exclusive author's products.

Our collection is constantly replenished, we hope that we will invariably surprise and delight fans of Russian arts and crafts

* Our products are collectible and souvenir, and not intended for small children!