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The Rat king evil

  • Article: 002_013
  • Sizes: 18х13х22 sm
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The evil Rat King commands his army of horrible rats. Fritz`s toy soldiers are fighting against the rats. The toy soldiers are losing badly, and the Rat King catch the Nutcracker. Clara strikes the Rat King with her shoe, which allows the Nutcracker to kill the Rat king. The dead of the Rat King, which the rats mourn deeply, allows the Nutcracker, and Clara, to escape with the help the toy soldiers leaded by Fritz. This figurine of the Rat King with its many heads, is an excellent example of wooden art and detailed art paintings.

Multi-headed evil Rat king, a wooden nutcracker movie personage.

  Seven-headed Rat King is the evil commander of his army of terrible rats. Toy soldiers are fighting his rats. The army toy soldiers is defeated, and Rat King takes the “Nutcracker” in-captivity. Clara hits the Rat King, and that helps to released the Nutcracker. “The Nutcracker” is instantly killing the King of rats. After the death of the Rat King, the rat army is loosing its magic power, and Nutcracker’s toy soldiers, under the command of Clara’s brother, banish the rat army. The Nutcracker, and so Clara, are now free, and all ends with a happy-end.

  This wooden Rat King figurine with its many filigree heads, is an excellent example of filigree hand carved wooden art architecture, and masterly done detailed Russian art painting.

The evil Rat King rules his tyranny Kingdom.

  With his hordes of rats, the Rat King with his mother (Queen of Rats) is aiming to take over the human race, and to destroy humanity, replacing it with his tyrannical rules. Mary and the Nutcracker are fighting against the Rat King, and nearly lost this war. As the Rat King took the Nutcracker captive, Mary is hitting the Rat King with her shoe and this moment of disorientation uses the Nutcracker to kill the Rat King. Which is the end of the war, and all returns to normal, as the rat army is getting defended by Nutcracker’s toy soldiers. And Mary and her Nutcracker return into her now again peaceful world of reality.
This wooden figurine with its seven heads is an extraordinary hand carved symbol of tyrannic leadership and evil aims. It is lovely and detailed painted in a very realistic style, demonstrating fine the work of Russian art master and its excellent carving and painting style.


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