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"Little Nutcracker" figurine

  • Article: 002_101
  • Sizes: 8х8,5х18 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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3 000
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This `Little Nutcracker` figurine - represents a fabulous hero who is willing to enter into every home. This little Nutcracker is the hero of a romance by Herman Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann’s. This Christmas story is about a little Nutcracker and written long ago at Germany. This country (Germany) is known by their handmade traditions. `Little Nutcracker` figurine is dressed in a military uniform with gold buttons.

  `Little Nutcracker` stands at attention like a soldier. He does it so enthusiastically, that it may even win the competition among experienced guards of the world. `Little Nutcracker` surpass the appearance of the Moscow Kremlin guards, and even of the guards at the Buckingham Palace.
`Little Nutcracker` is carved by hand, and wooden nutcracker which is made from beech, its painted in bright colors and varnished.

Little wooden nutcracker.

  Little wooden nutcracker is the hero of Hoffmann’s tales, and also hero of Tchaikovsky’s ballet. A little wooden nutcracker with his courage wins against an army of mice and rats.
We make this little wooden Nutcracker. They come to life in our creative art studio and open their eyes under the moving brush of our artists, while dreaming, to get the boy’s toy regiment to lead the formation of soldiers, like the Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Terminators, or Spider-Man. A small wooden Nutcracker dreams have seen a little girl who recognizes in him the Prince, in the enchanted tales of wooden soldiers. The little nutcracker is waiting for that girl which will introduce a small wooden nutcracker to her dolls and tell them to look at him in the parade uniform with gold buttons.
With our small wooden Nutcracker you can not only play. It can even chop nuts like hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.

Wooden Nutcracker hero.

  Wooden Nutcracker is the hero in our beloved Christmas story for children around the world. This Nutcracker made by hands of experienced craftsmen is carved from wooden beech, painted with love, and covered with clear varnish and demonstrates a fabulous art sense. Our Nutcracker can crack nuts, it can be fun to play with it different games.
This wooden nutcracker is notable for the fact of excellent wooden art. It can be hung on the Christmas tree as a Christmas toy. For this, our Nutcracker has a collar is on your head. Diligent in children’s hands and also it is a welcomed Christmas tree toy for a fir tree.
This wooden Nutcracker will create on your New Year’s celebration a warm mysterious and festive mood.


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