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Boxes, Cases, Shtoffs

Wooden Caskets (baskets) - Futlar - Wooden gift boxes, bottle cases.
We may created such wooden gift containers on dedicated request with your design needs.
Dimensions, and type of Art paintings are done on your dedicated request. You may order such wooden boxes (cases) as containers for our Nutcracker, as well as for our other Russian arts on display at our web-site. Or simply order our Futlars as containers for liquids, like Vodka, Champagne or Wine, or anything you might wish to place into our wooden boxes. We grant finest art paintings, best hand-carved ornaments, and exclusive design. Feel free to contact us with your needs or ideas for such boxes, and we will quote a reasonable price as well approximate time for delivery of this special art work!

Creative gifts with an individual design

You can buy wooden manuscript boxes, baskets, chests, cases, boxes with individual design.

Each case is made and painted manually, and this requires some time, so after ordering a certain period of time for implementation of the order. More details can be discussed via email or by calling us. Of course, we accept orders for any number of cases. Our prices are quite affordable. Transport costs are evaluated depending on the ordered quantity of boxes and the destination. Also, You may want to organize their own transport. Use wooden container as a box for packaging and creative gift, can be fantasizing endlessly. For example, to place candy, fine pastry, pencils, slide into case all kinds of goods, starting from food and finishing with office supplies. The products are made in an exclusive design and is the creative gift for any event. Even brilliants, rings, bracelets, or similar exclusive jewels, which are used as surprises contained in our gift baskets. Your imagination will tell you those articles for the content of the case. Our boxes boxes are the ideal container for Your gifts and goods. Remember that each instance of cut and painted by hand, and therefore always a little bit different from another. Exact copies are not always possible, as our masters are always trying to paint the next one better. According to the individual preferences of the customer we can add to each futlar your brand, trademark, logo, or something else. In addition, you can request new topics for use in the manufacture of only Your copy.

*Our products are collectible and souvenir, and is not intended for young children!