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Handmade Christmas Angel - Christmas season tree decoration

  • Article: 006_005
  • Sizes: 7х12х12 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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Handmade Christmas angel with wings and a harp, from our collection of fine Russian Christmas Ornaments and tree decorations arts. This Christmas season Angel with wings and harp is also a great gift for children, or an Christmas ornament for gift packings and so on.

In the night, when was born the Lord our Jesus Christ in a field near Bethlehem, and the shepherds looked after their sheep, so they do not run away, so that thieves cannot steal the sheep and the predators could not eat their sheep. The night was cold. Shepherds lit fire and warm themselves around it. Dark, barely glimpsed in the darkness of night faint light from a small campfire, around were sitting the shepherds. Suddenly light going on around the shepherds and in front of them appeared an angel of God. The shepherds were frightened. Do not be afraid — the angel said to them, - I bring you great joy, which shall be to all people. Now is born to us in the city of David (i. e. in Bethlehem), the Savior, Christ the Lord. In a feed manger you will find the holy child. Christmas angels sang gospel in that Christmas night heard by shepherds around.

  Our Christmas angel figurine with wings and harp is carved out of wood by hands by experienced wooden carving and painting art masters. This wooden “Christmas Angel” gift is painted by hand by our skilled craftswomen collective. Christmas Angel with wings and harp is dressed in light fine clothes, and its wings are simple as the naive child stories. Christmas Angel is holding in its hands a harp. Before reaching into the hands of children awaiting Christmas Wonderland, our Christmas decorations are by hand varnished. This Christmas Angel, is not the only one figurine of our large collection of handmade Christmas tree decorations. You can buy hand-made Christmas decorations (gifts) at the lowest price in our Russian Art Studio. All our Christmas decorations are handmade, carved from wood, interesting their uniqueness, individuality, and innocence. Wooden Toys at our collection of Christmas tree decorations grows replenished every year with new and new wooden art figurines. Main topic of our collection of Christmas tree decorations, includes toys based on motifs from the well known Christmas Tales of Hoffmann, “Nutcracker and the Mouse King”. This Christmas Angel with wings and harp is also a great gift for children.


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