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Trinkets and toys on your finger

made of wood

Key ring buttons - Key-chains - Fingers.
here you find a collection of different key-chains, finger buttons, and key ring buttons. All carved from wood, and hand painted. You may order those only in larger quantities (from 100 items upwards per item) for reselling. This keychains can be used for almost anything from home key rings, car key rings, to bags, or phones. Also, the finger buttons are an old style play toy for toddlers and babies, not meaning to give it to the babies but that mama or papa put it on its fingers and plays for the babies to get their babies attention. All key chains or buttons painted by hand, and are covered with hard vanish to secure it before water and small scratches.

Keychains wholesale

Our Art Studio offers the sale of trinkets in bulk at competitive prices.

*Our products are collectible and souvenir, and is not intended for young children!