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Figurines of fairies

Эксклюзивный сувенир ручной работы

Wooden Fairies figurines (Fairy or faery, faerie, fay, fae).
Our wooden Fairies figurines are hand painted art, and unique hand carving artworks.
Fairies are the base of fairy-tales since the beginning of legends.
Faeries are often called 'Good People'. Fairies, Fairy or faery are believed to be a mixture of Man and Angel, intelligent fluids Spirits, and demonstrating light interchangeable bodies, sometimes appearing like an astral figurine, or like a condensed cloud, and it is said that any Fairy is best seen in twilight moments. There are many explanations and variants of the fairy characters to be found in human folklore tales. A known book from the 16th century is an easy to read text, where you will find some interesting hypotheses related to Fairies. The book is called “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies".
Fairies, as we use it in our wooden art collection do have human appearance, and our artists do demonstrate their magical art powers to create Fairy personages which delights young and old.
Nowadays Fairies are often expected as young, sometimes winged, humanoids, and with slim stature. Fairies with wings are very rare in the fairy-tales as all Fay can flew with magic, or alternatively use animals like birds for its flying needs. Fairies with wings are often expected to have butterfly type wings.
One important attribute of any fairy that fairies cannot lie, and they do not like receive a "Thank you", as doing good is fairies deed.

To purchase an exclusive souvenir handmade

Buttercup, Mint and Marshmallow,

Forget-me-not and the sage-

The names of the flower fairies ...

From house of petals

Webs hammocks

So easy, and bee

They would suddenly break could

But they created comfort,

Have fun and sing....

I would have fairy friends,

I would his life have lived

Among these cute fairies

In the field where sage blooms

R. L. Stevenson

Before you decide which figurine fairies to buy a bit of history of magic.

Fairies, like many other fantastic creatures, appeared in the world of Celtic folklore.

Old French "feer" (fairy) means to charm, to bewitch. "faerie" – a magical realm.

Spanish veil or Italian fatum means "the ability to influence destiny."

First fairies were very different – small creatures with green skin and kroshechnye transparent wings or the characters growth under two meters.

Someone owned a magic wand, someone had a hat-an invisibility.

In the age of romanticism appeared familiar to us the image of a beautiful woman or a young girl with miraculous powers, which helps the good and punishes the evil.

This interpretation is reflected in exclusive handmade Art Studio melnikovitch.

Fairies not only sing and dance, they are very hardworking, they care about plants and animals weave a wonderful fabric, sew hats and invisibility cloaks.

Home fairies are trying to bring luck to any man or family become assistants in the home, a guardian against evil forces.

Of course, she may fool around – to throw the Cup on the floor, to hide the right thing – so she's offended by something, faster cook biscuits and warm milk is her favorite food.

Green is the favorite color of fairies. And they love red, grey, brown, flower fairies love pink.

All these colors the artists used hand painting wooden gift items from our collection.

Look at them – each has its own fairy story, buy this wonderful exclusive figurine handmade, settling in your house or in the house of colleagues and friends, the fairy will be assistant hostess and another child, good spirit of the hearth.

*Our products are collectible and souvenir, and is not intended for young children!