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Christmas toys made of wood

Handmade wooden Christmas tree decorations.
Our Christmas decorations made from wood, are gifts for the most colorful annual event every year.
Christmas means salvation, and the possibility of returning to heaven, it is understandable why. In Central Europe, the Christmas tree (depending on the region as a Christmas tree or Tannenbaum called) is placed at Christmas time in churches, homes, and at public places in villages, set up and decorated with fairy lights, candles, glass balls, tinsel, angels or other figures. This Christmas tradition widespread in the 19th Century from Germany to the whole world. That tradition to decorate the Christmas tree at Christmas, were brought to Russia by Tzar Peter I, but it took long to accept this new way to decorate Christmas Trees with tree toys... Read more about the origin of Christmas decorations below our catalog of Christmas decoration arts.
Important: Christmas decorations are hand made bulk productions - minimum order score 100 pieces each, discounts are available, and manufacturing period of at thereabouts 2 months is to accept. Sold individually only if at stock available.
You may alternatively consider to purchase sets of our Christmas decoration figurines combined with an appealing gift set box! We can combine almost all of our decorations in individual gift sets accordingly to your wishes and availability. Examples of such ready-made gift sets you may review here!
Depending on time of the year, our artwork is sometimes very quickly sold out! Please ask us via e-mail if we do have an art product in stock just now, if you want to order in small amounts, and if this art is sold-out just now, then your order will be completed within two months!

Christmas decorations handmade

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree 1513 put the German theologian Martin Luther.

He decorated it with candles and apples and the top crowned with a star to commemorate the star of Bethlehem.

In the 18th century the Christmas tree was decorated not only in Germany but also in Austria, Holland, Denmark, America, England.

In Russia this tradition was brought to 1 Peter, but a recognizable symbol of new year and Christmas, the tree became only a century later, the Empress Maria Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas 1.

When it started to organize public tree. The first public Christmas tree was constructed in 1852 in the building Ekateringofka station in St. Petersburg

First, the role of toys were fruits and sweets for decorating the Christmas tree gilded cones, did the most amazing toys from paper, cardboard, wood, tin, cotton.

In 1848, in the town Laws in Thuringia was made the first Christmas tree balls are not handmade, they were made of colored or transparent glass, the inside is covered with a layer of lead, and the outside decorated with sequins.

Glass soon learned to do any of the figures of animals, angels, fairies and etc. In Russia, the first glass Christmas balls were produced in the period of the First world war wedge.

In the Soviet years Christmas toy continued to evolve, what events occurred in the country of the master of Christmas decorations actively responded to them Christmas toys.

Carved wooden toys have always been popular in Russia, therefore to decorate a Christmas tree including figurines hand painted – great way to please yourself and surprise the loved ones.

To buy wooden Christmas decorations Art Studio melnikovitch is possible for adults and children - they will surely bring joy, because in their creation we have invested part of his soul.

*Our products are collectible and souvenir, and is not intended for young children!