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Bunny: Easter bunny, Figurine-box - decorative rabbit

  • Article: 009_008
  • Sizes: 7х11х17 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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This decorative gift Rabbit is hand carved from linden wood by masters. Linden wood protects real good from casual quarrels, and such a gift bunny helps in business negotiations too. Linden wood is very light (soft wood) and this decorative rabbit bunting rooms with elegance, content and resilient. This Easter Rabbit opens for gifts and surprises. Painted professionally, thin and mentally.

  Bunny as decorative figurine-box. A Rabbit as surprise box. A gift not only for March 8. Authors design created a decorated tastefully and professional made gift for young and old.

Easter bunny as Figurine-box.

  This wooden Easter bunny is a figurine-box able to be opened, and to hide some surprise gifts. This wooden figurine box is hand painted in rich art style as Easter Bunny. In its hand it holds a lantern, and the golden hat is also a nice appealing attribute. Surely a nice decoration for the Easter seasons.

Figurine Box “Easter Bunny” shaped as Easter egg opened.

  `Easter Bunny` is coming to town, maybe to your town? Surely this little figurine box from wood which you see here in its opened position, is one the one hand a nice Easter gift, and on the other a little surprise box for small gifts. This `Easter Bunny` which is shaped and painted like an Easter egg is an unusual figurine as box for gifts. Maybe a gift for someone near to you?