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The Nutcracker, a wooden handmade doll - fairy tale by E. T. A Hoffman

  • Article: 002_001
  • Sizes: 10х11х24 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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This handmade wooden “Nutcracker” doll or in Russian Schelkunchik (Щелкунчик), is the main character of the fairy tale “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice” created by Ernest Theodore Amadé Hoffmann.

  The Nutcracker’s original production was December 18, 1892, in Russia at St. Petersburg’s Maryinsky Theater and more than one hundred years later, the by Ernest Theodore Amadé Hoffmann inspired Nutcracker ballet still performs and dance by the music of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker at Christmas time around the world. The Nutcracker, is the main personage of the fairy tale “The Nutcracker and King of Mice ” by E. T. A Hoffman. Below you may read more about our wooden Nutcracker (Shelkunchik).
Our wooden Nutcracker doll is our front runner of carving art figures! Each year endless clients are ordering this wooden Nutcracker doll as it is one of the most impressive carving artwork we offer for Christmas times. Our artists did surely create an impressive carving art with this fully functional wooden nutcracker. Never mind you want a excellent carving art work or an full functional wooden Nutcracker for your child, it will surely satisfy your needs!

Where to buy a blue Nutcracker for Christmas?

  Here you can buy now our new blue Nutcracker variant, which really is able to crack even harder nuts! We offer now our well known Nutcracker in different colors and outfits. Surely you will be delighted by the reaction of the gift receiver, when you gift such an unusual hand-made Nutcracker. Surely its one the one hand a enlightening beautiful Christmas figurine, and on the other hand an practical fully working instrument for cracking almost any nuts. Besides that, its an fully handcrafted and hand-painted artworks too.

Nut cracker cracks nuts - Nutcracker toy with saber for cracking nuts.

  This Nutcracker can crack real nuts, and is another variant of our Nutcracker toy, more richly decorated and we added a saber. As all our Nutcracker you may buy this Nutcracker also combined with a beautiful gift packing.
This fully functional nut cracking Nutcracker is entirely craved by hand, and each detail is also painted by hand, and copyrighted. An universal gift for young and old, unique, and long-lasting.



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