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How to crack nuts? Walking Nutcracker demonstrates how to crack nuts

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  • Sizes: 43 sm
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When Christmas times comes, one question is raised often. How to crack nuts? There are many ways, many instruments being used to crack nuts… You may use a hammer, a clamp, a stone, or whatever comes to your mind and hands at that moment. Why do you do it not in the old fashioned and traditional way? Why not crack a nut and get in the same moment a feeling of happiness and good remembering of your childhoods Christmas time? Get you one of our traditional Russian handmade wooden Nutcracker. Thats it. Our Nutcracker are able to crack the hardest nuts, cracks almost any nuts, and looks real great. Our Nutcracker are a real symbol of Christmas times you won`t like to miss on your table, especially on Christmas Day. Why not order on of our original, exquisite painted, and unique handmade Russian Nutcracker souvenirs? Its more as only a Russian souvenir, its finest Russian art, used in private households, offices, restaurants, and many other places.Our walking Nutcracker is looking like an simple Nutcracker toy, only it`s not a toy, but a fine instrument art to demonstrate you, how to crack nuts in the Russian way.

Walking Nutcracker made by master of arts demonstrates how to crack nuts.

How to crack nuts? This beautiful walking Nutcracker is a real example of master of arts work and can carck not only small nuts! Every detail is filigree carved from wood, and decorated with fine colors by our Russian masters of arts, to created real authentic personages of “The Nutcracker Ballet” figurines.


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