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Wooden dolls: "Babushka Doll" with pigeon as unique doll

  • Article: 005_001
  • Sizes: 18 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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5 000
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Unique traditional handmade dolls on sale!

  How do we classify as ‘traditional handmade unique doll’ art like this Babushka doll? 

  Any unique wooden doll like this “Babushka doll” is made (painted) by hand, created by Russian professional painting artists, it reflects the great traditional painting art passed on by the elders, and is based on Russian culture and Russian religion. All the knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next through the centuries. The paintings of our exclusive collection of our wooden dolls like this Babushka doll reflects not only old historical Russian themes, and it is based on traditional Russian fairy tales or events of Russian history. No cartoons, no politics, and no foreign subjects in those paintings - this is our rule for wooden dolls.
We offer on our site only art like our Babushka doll, which are made by hand by art PROFESSIONALS, and master painting homeworkers. Here we offer unique dolls that are absolutely exclusive, and never ever have been copied before (besides by us). We select those unique dolls from the best of our artists work, and if it is really extraordinary, and almost impossible to copy in automated reproduction ways, we offer it as a unique doll. This Babushka doll is surely a unique doll.


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