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Girl with a Doll as Roly Poly (tilting doll)

  • Article: 004_004
  • Sizes: 11 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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This Roly Poly toy is hand-painted tumbler doll, and showing a historical dressed Russian Girl which is holding its doll puppet in its hand. This wooden tumbler doll or tilting doll is surely a nice gift for any baby girl, and not only for Russian or American girls, but for any baby girl around the world. Any tilting doll never falls down, it stands always up, a historical tumbler doll for children. This Roly Poly toy as tilting doll shows wobbling dances when pushed down and upright itself. This hand crafted tilting wooden doll is covered with hard varnish to avoid scratches or damages from liquids.

Tumbler “Girl with a doll”.

Tumbler “Girl with a doll” a wooden toy, is painted in blue and purple colors. This Tumbler toy “Girl with a doll” is dressed in mauve veil, blue sundress and and overcoat. On the main blue background sundress is scattered a bouquets of lilac roses. Bright mauve veil falls in soft folds on the shoulders, upper part is darker decorated with ornaments. This Tumbler as wooden toy reminds us in some nuances on artwork paintings in old historical styles. Tumbler “Girl with a Doll” is certainly a very attractive toy for small children. You can buy this Tumbler doll “Girl with a doll” in our online store below.

Roly Poly toy “Girl with a doll”.

Roly Poly toy “Girl with Doll” is very interesting in its painting crafts, and bears the features of an Vanka-Vstanka doll, as well it features a modern tumbler doll. This Roly Poly toy has a beautiful painted face with blue eyes, and a charming smile. Golden hair framed a funny face. Adorns the head scarf of this beautiful toy, painted in as whimsical artwork design. Its wide sleeves are painted in a diagonal cell, tissue from a distance reviewed resembles the veil… In its hands this Rolly-Poly girl is holding a doll dressed in a winter coat, and with a hat with pompom. Roly Poly toy “Girl with Doll” gives good mood and fun since it is convenient to play even for youngest kids. Roly Poly toy “Girl with doll” is made of ecological clean material (wood), and is covered with a hard varnish that protects it from scratches.


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