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Roly Poly: Clown Pierrot (Pedrolino) with Lute

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Clown Pierrot (Pedrolino) with Lute, hand painted Roly Poly figurine carved from wood, as personage of the known clown character often found as pantomime in Commedia dell`Arte (Comedy of art) theater performances. Those Commedia dell`Arte festival where starting in 1560 in Italy, as improvised played sketches. This personages—we preset here as Roly Poly—are based on those Comedy of Art participants, which became very popular during the late 17th-century as Italian players did perform in Paris, and were succesfully propagating the Comédie-Italienne performance style. In Paris was the character of “Clown Pierrot” born, and then appeared later in Italy as ” Clown Pedrolino”. The Russian name for this character is “Clown Petrushka”, and in Germany this clown character is called “Hanswurst”. This Pierrot Roly Poly is ideal to be combined with another Commedia dell`Arte character, Columbine, which you can find in our Roly Poly collection too.

Roly Poly: Parsley with the lute. Pierrot the Clown.

  Parsley with lute figurine (Pierrot the Clown) is made of wood. This Roly Poly toy is painted hand painted. Additionally Pierrot the Clown as Roly Poly blends perfectly with the other characters of “Commedia dell’arte”, Columbine and Harlequin, we do have on offer too. These are typical figures can be found in our collection of “Roly Poly” (Tumbler). This Roly Poly toy as personage of Pierrot the Clown is the main character in the famous pantomime “Commedia dell’arte” (comedy of masks). The first festival “Commedia dell’Arte” took place in Italy in 1560.
After the end of the 17th century Italian actors performed as well in Paris, as characters of comedy of masks, including “Pierrot the Clown”, and quickly spread this pantomime theater performance throughout the world. In Paris, a first Roly Poly figurine carried the face of “Pierrot the Clown”. Later, the character has appeared in Italy as “Clown Pedrolino”, the English name of this clown symbol is “Pierrot”, and in Germany this clown is called “Hanswurst”.

Parsley with a lute. Pierrot the Clown.

  Roly Poly figurine “Parsley with a lute” is made from wood.

  “Parsley with a lute” (Pierrot the Clown) figurine is painted by hand. This Pierrot Roly Poly fits perfectly with the other characters of “Commedia dell’arte”, Columbine and Harlequin we do have on offer. These are typical figures that can be found in our collection of “Roly Poly” (Tumbler) toys. This Roly Poly named Pierrot the clown or `Parsley with a lute` is the main character of the famous pantomime “Commedia dell’arte”.


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