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Russian Nutcracker Souvenir - wooden artwork figure

  • Article: 002_008
  • Sizes: 9х13х38 sm
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique design
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9 000
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‘This Nutcracker Souvenir is a Russian hand crafted artwork figure, which is reassembling a historical dressed parade soldier as full functional nutcracker. As all our wooden Russian Nutcracker, also this souvenir figure is carved by hand from wood and very rich painted by hand.

Exclusive Nutcracker souvenir with author`s signature (autograph).

Exclusive Nutcracker with author`s signature (autograph) on our Nutcracker souvenir standing on a high cap. At this Nutcracker souvenir the author put his signature to demonstrate the exclusive and unique hand crafted artwork and his copyright.

Cracking nuts with our souvenir nutcracker is easy.

Nutcracker souvenir soldier able to crack almost any nuts. A real nut cracking Nutcracker carved from wood, and appealing and detailed painted grants that this nut cracking nuts souvenir nutcracker is a sight for sore eyes. Cracking nuts with with this souvenir becomes a very enjoyable event for anyone.


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